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Intelligent Technology Solutions implementation

We design and implement a wide range of cost-effective technology solutions for different industry sectors. Our technology excellence and optimal project management practices and best technology partners guarantee our customers success. Our solid experience and know-how of the latest technologies ensure cost-effective solutions that meet and perform the toughest requirements.

Electronics Product development

NextCode offers a wide range of hardware electronics and embedded systems design including FPGA -development. We accomplish continuously design projects that bring the latest technology into the products in the global market.

NextCode electronics product development covers the entire design process from conception to life cycle management. Our success in electronics product development projects is based on solid expertise, meticulous specification and project design as well as comprehensive testing.

Software development

We provide software development for the design of embedded software, middleware and software applications. Our strong knowledge of embedded systems and modern processor architectures guarantees that our customers have a diverse range of the hardware-related software development opportunities.

We also design and implement industrial software applications, information system and digitalization solutions. Our customer needs are always the starting point for our software development. We are a reliable software development partner from idea to maintenance.


Generally, It is often possible to improve the cost-efficiency, the usability and the security of a product or system through modernization. The modernization is a fast and cost-effective method to modernize a product or a system to meet future needs and requirements instead of total new development. By modernization, we maximize the life cycle of our customers ‘ products and concurrently ensure the maintenance of the quality of the products. Often it is enough to have a small architectural an component upgrade. Ask for more information about the modernization possibilities.

Maintenance and Life Cycle Management

Through life cycle management we help our customers manage all product-related information and product development processes. During a life cycle, the product or system is fully controlled and documented through different phases. Life cycle management ensures uninterrupted use of the product and system, manageable maintenance, and extends product life cycle. This will maximize the business benefits. In addition, the method is also ecologically efficient because the need for re-designing is reduced thanks to recycling and reuse.

How projects are progressing

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Getting started

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